Miss Universe 2014 Welcome Lunch/Dinner Rumour spreading in the internet

December 26, 2014 8:08 am

The pageant be held on
January 25, 2015 at the U.S. Century Bank Arena at Florida International
University in Doral, Miami, Florida, USA. 88 contestants from all over
the world will compete for the crown.

Miss Universe 2014 welcome lunch/dinner

   13 Miss Universe contestants are selected for the welcome lunch/dinner.

As the Miss Universe 2014 kick off nears, Some are spreading in the
internet that 13 confirmed candidates are selected by the Miss Universe
Organization for the welcome lunch/dinner.

                                   Some of them are :
                           INDIA – Noyonita Lodh
Noyonita Lodh Miss India
MJ Lastimosa philippines
COSTA RICA – Karina Ramos
Karina Ramos
USA – Nia Sanchez
Nia Sanchez
KOREA – Yoo Ye Bin
Yoo ye bin
COLOMBIA – Paulina Vega
Paulina Vega
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Kimberly Castillo
Kimberly Castillo
THAILAND – Allison Sansom
Allison Sansom
MEXICO – Josselyn Garciglia
Josselyn Garciglia
UKRAINE – Diana Harkusha
Diana Harkusha
: – This year Miss Universe Organization will be choosing 20
semi-finalist: 15 from the prelims, 4 from Donald Trumps faves and 1
from the online voting.culled
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