Hollywood’s most shocking and biggest scandals of 2014

December 30, 2014 9:16 am


From the obscene and offensive to the downright bizarre, Hollywood
has once again provided us with some of the biggest headlines of the
In no particular order, here’s what got us talking this year.

Justin Bieber arrested

how the baby-faced and self-entitled have fallen. Justin Bieber found
himself in a spot of bother early this year, when he took part in an
illegal drag race – in his yellow Lamborghini.
When the cops
caught up with him, it turned out he was under the influence of
marijuana and anti-depressants and he was charged with driving under the
influence, resistinhttp://www.jokpeme.com/2014/12/hollywoods-most-shocking-and-biggest.htmlg arrest and driving with an expired license.

But no sooner has his lawyers sorted that little headache,
Bieber was back at the jail house, this time in Canada, after he was
arrested for dangerous driving and assault following a collision between a minivan and an ATV that led to a physical altercation.
Bieber blamed the paparazzi, dragging Princess Di’s death into the mix via Twitter. Because that’s the kind of class act he is.

Chris and Gwyneth’s ‘conscious uncoupling’

Photo / Getty Images
They seemed like the perfect couple. So it’s only fitting they had the perfect break up.
Paltrow and Chris Martin announced the end of their marriage this year
via Gwynnie’s lifestyle blog, Goop. The post was titled, ‘Conscious
Uncoupling’, providing endless fodder for late night talk hosts and
Within weeks, Mr Martin had his sights set on a new
blonde, wooing the ever-popular Jennifer Lawrence. But it wasn’t to last
and four months later the Hunger Games star dumped the Coldplay singer, amidst reports he was too friendly with his ex.
Recent reports suggest a conscious recoupling could even be on the cards – but until we read it on Goop, we’re not convinced.

Clooney gets hitched

Photo / Getty Images

broke in April that George Clooney was taking himself off the market –
proposing to his hot shot lawyer ladyfriend Amal Alamuddin. They married
just five months later, with an extravagant weekend of festivities in
Venice that provided endless photo opps for the tabloid press.
the private pair was quick to sell their wedding snaps – donating the
hefty fee to charity. Also surprising, the new Amal would take her
husband’s name, officially becoming Mrs Clooney.

Solange attacks Jay-Z

Photo / Getty Images
Social media went into meltdown when TMZ posted this video of Bey’s little sister Solange attacking her husband, Jay-Z.
The grainy vision showed Solange kicking and clawing at her brother-in-law, while her sister stands back and watches on.
just what caused the altercation? Theories abounded in the days to come
– many suggesting Solange was angry with the hip hop mogul for not
supporting her music career.
The family was forced to put out a
joint statement, which simply referred to the fight as an “unfortunate
incident,” and claimed they were now at peace.

Kimye Wedding

was an extravaganza like no other. Not content with just a single
destination wedding, Kimye packed up their guests in Paris (after a
night at Versailles Palace) and flew them to Florence for the official
More than 600 looked on as the pair said their vows,
shielded by a 20ft high wall of white roses and peonies, before sitting
down to a meal at a 70-metre-long marble banquet table made especially
for the occasion.
All up, the bill is reported to have come to $14 million, including $600,000 for Kim’s Givenchy dress.
The couple refused to let E!‘s reality cameras film the event, instead releasing a series of images via Instagram, including their first kiss, which became Instagram’s most ‘liked’ image of the year. Bless.

Nude phone hacking scandal

or sex crime? That was the question posed by the year’s most
controversial story, when hundreds of nude photos were
stolen from celebrities’ phones and leaked online.
Amongst the
pictures, were several explicit shots of Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence,
who was quick to condemn the hacker – and anyone who shared the
pictures – filing legal action and labelling the incident a “sex crime”.
not everyone was quite so incensed. Dame Helen Mirren made global
headlines when she feigned outrage over the fact no one had tried to
steal nude pictures of her.

Cosby rape allegations

Easily the most shocking scandal of 2014, this story continues to unfold as more and more victims step forward.
first accusations emerged in November, when Barbara Bowman, a former
teenage model, described allegedly being “drugged and raped” by Cosby,
in an article for the Washington Post.
More than a dozen
women have now come forward, including former supermodel Janice
Dickinson, who says the comedian drugged and raped her in 1982.
Cosby has consistently denied all allegations, which his attorney has described as “bizarre”.

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