They shall surely gather

God is entrapped in His love for His people, His mercies and loving kindness are conferred on His children under an umbrella and an unbreakable oath and He is irrevocably committed to their wellbeing. However, God did not mince words when He declared to them that “…they shall surely gather…” God was not referring to the gathering of angels, but of enemies who are forces against progress. His banner over them, His love over them, and their fervent prayers notwithstanding, it was a sure gathering. It was a conspiracy and gang up that was sure to come.

It is very important to note that our enemies shall surely gather; those who hate us shall congregate. But this should not alarm us; it should not create a fear or panic in us. Rather, we should understand that as sure as their gathering is, so the certainty of their fall. If their agenda has anything against us, then their resolutions must fail, says the Lord.
-By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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