Stop complaining

I don’t think you should complain and if you have reasons to complain, convert them to prayer to God and He will surprise you beyond what you expect of Him. Just look around the world and you will find Human Rights Organizations that monitor the actions of governments, pressuring them to act according to human rights principles. Sadly sometimes, their human rights campaigns go contrary to the teachings of Scripture. For example or instance, some drum support for homosexuals in the name of human rights. Christians really have to be careful not to support sin in the cause of complaining.

Some labourers that were first hired were complaining against their landowner about the equalization of their wages with some people. They could not imagine why their wage should be equal with those who worked fewer hours than they did. However, they failed to realize that they lose nothing because the money agreed on as a wage was paid to them. They did not also understand that the landowner was a man full of grace and so deserve commendation and not condemnation. In that, he showed mercy by paying a day’s wage to those who did not deserve it. They were also blind to the fact that they have become jealous of the good gifts the landowner has given to their co-labourers. The labourers did not only go home with the day’s wage, but with shame and embarrassment, and full of blame.
I will admonish you to do all things without complaining and disputing.
–    By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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