Salt of the earth

It is really important we have a positive effect and influence on the society. Can we be the salt of the earth? How can we be the salt of the earth? It is commonly known by almost all that salt is a chemical compound formed by the combing of an acid and a base or metal. It is a very common white substance with many uses especially for flavoring and preserving of foods. Salt was often used among the oriental people for ratifying agreements, so that salt became the symbol of faithfulness, fidelity and constancy.
In the Levitical cereal offerings (Leviticus 2:13), salt was used as a preservative to portray the external nature of the covenant of salt existing between God and Israel (Numbers 18:19; 2 Chronicles 13:5). Elisha used salt to sweeten the bad waters of the Jericho spring (2 Kings 2:10-22).
However, worthless salt is lacking in flavor and is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by man. Of course, you know the effect of lack of salt in one’s body!
As the salt of the earth, we are expected to have a wholesome positive influence on the society. Our speech must be seasoned with salt. Our humility must reflect the humility of salt. Salt does not show case itself in the soup but is noticed when it is eaten.
–    By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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