Life does not end here

Resurrection is a reality and not a fable. Christians are expected to be steady, unmovable and unshakable in their faith. Knowing fully well that death is not the end of life. Life on earth is only a preparation for life that will never end. Your belief in resurrection should affect how you live your life today and your view of the future. Remember that sin is a foolish gambling and so therefore, I will advice you to stay away from it. Don’t allow anyone to corrupt you and lead you away from faith. Since life does not end here, goodness and faithfulness that do not seem to be rewarded here will still be rewarded. Likewise, evil and unfaithfulness that do not seem to be punished here will still be punished. Be warned this moment that there is no escape.
Suffice it to note that it is important to live right because there is life beyond the grave. Those who die will resurrect.
People deny resurrection, not only by their words but also by their deed. Such people succeed in deceiving only themselves. It shows their lives which lead to destruction. Don’t be deceived and discouraged because of what you face daily; physical death is not the end for Christians. We as Christians will resurrect even if we die.  
It is in the light of this that Christians should be reminded that their resurrected body will be different in nature and glory from our present one. This spiritual body will not be weak, will never get sick and will never die. God will give us a transformed – eternal body that will suit our resurrection status. To me, this is wonderful. As we get a glorious body, so are we entirely transformed gloriously in state with our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a glorious resurrection. Alleluia! Anyone who has this hope in his or her should therefore endeavor to live in righteousness and purity, knowing that this present body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and shall be transformed at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. So therefore, glorify the Lord Jesus in your body and service to Him.
–    By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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