Jesus Teaches on true fasting

The Lenten period is a time that is usually characterized by fasting which serve to humble our souls before the Lord God Almighty; helping us to truly focus on the diverse things Jesus went through to secure our salvation. Many people however observe this period religiously with several outward dispositions which make them to fail to realize the true essence and the power thereof.
(2 Timothy 3:5).
One of the outward dispositions is to make our spiritual observances (in this case, I mean fasting) to be noticeable by men as a show of our spirituality. Such outward appearances are mere pretences and may not be acknowledged by God. Jesus teaches us that our fasting and other spiritual activities in general, should be between us and God so that the purposes might be achieved.
Furthermore, we also learnt from Jesus’ teaching about fasting that getting the best result out of our spiritual exercise is also highly determined by the value we place on them. Values placed on outward earthly dispositions are temporal and insecure.
It is in this light that I would want to ask that, what value do you place on fasting?
–    By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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