It Is All About Faith And Not Fertilizer

Few years ago, fertilizer became a common feature in public discuss as it concerns agriculture. It was said to be subsidized and distributed to farmers who turned out to be politicians who did not know the roads to the farms. This led to some boos and cries amongst genuine farmers, farming being their mainstay and source of livelihood.
In the Bible according Genesis 26:11-22, Isaac by express and divine instruction was asked to stay in Gerar, a land that was not evidently lucrative. He demonstrated faith in obeying a tough order. If it were some, they may redefine the instruction to soothe their fleshy desires.  They may start shuttling between Gerar and Egypt or Nigeria and Saudi Arabia or even United States of America and Great Britain as the case may be, or remain in Gerar and take their families to Egypt.

But the Bible records that Isaac dwelt there to the extent that when he was driven, he did not leave. Rather, he went to live in the valley of Gerar. The just certainly will live by faith because faith is a currency that heaven respects.

What amount of fertilizers can revamp a barren land? How many buckets of water can cure a farm of perennial draughts? When a man by faith accepts His divine location, then there will be sufficient allocation that will turn around his fortune and cause him to prosper. This certainly is God’s blessing.
-By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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