Holidays & Celebrations are cause for fun, but also stress

Holidays & Celebrations are cause for fun, but also stress. We want ideas, clever ones, but also easy enough to carry out without making what is supposed to be fun into a burden. Here’s the place for people to share their tips and hints for holiday fun, special occasions, and seasonal activities; party planning, and gift-giving.
Behind every … Keep Reading → holiday or celebration, though, there is a story or stories. It’s great to learn how these occasions started and evolved, how they were originally celebrated and what is different now. Birthdays and anniversaries are times of remembrance and also thinking about the future. Some celebrations and holidays require costumes, greeting cards, games and activities, special recipes, and arts and crafts. Whether you are looking to freshen up an old tradition or initiate a new one, it helps to read about others’ successes as well as failures. With planning and deep breathing, most celebrations and holidays are happy events.

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