He stopped for a genuine heart that cries out

One would have thought that a blind man crying out for Jesus for help would have at lest drawn sympathy from those who “see” and are following Jesus. This can be said not to be so in what was obtainable. As this blind man cried, those who went before warned him that he should be quiet. The world system has not changed. Even today, the world wants to silence anyone who is desperately crying out for my Saviour. You can easily be shown other believers – even preachers – who are not doing so well. Some rich people have not been allowed to address the issues of their lives as we praise and celebrate their coming to Christ. This gives them a false sense of arrival.

Even physical circumstances may not allow you to have a closer walk with Jesus. But do what the blind man did in the Bible. He cried out the more, asking the Son of David to have mercy oh him. I am really amazed that Jesus Christ heard him and stopped. It seems that no matter the noise around Jesus, when a genuine heart for Him, He will hear. Do not mind prosperity and fame seekers that are making noise around Jesus. Raise a sincere desperate cry if you are interested in a closer personal walk with Him. He will hear you because He has done it before and He will do it again as He did it for blind Bartimaeus. He will stop for you because He really cares for a genuine sincere heart.
–    By Jokpeme Joseph Omode  

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