God in the ordinary things of life

Jesus involvement in such an apparently mundane thing as a wedding and its festivities may appear rather difficult for some people to understand. Surely, the saviour of mankind must be such more concerned with things that are sublime and of eternal value!
But we must know that a wedding, with its festivities, is about man and about people. The people to whom he brought salvation.

One thing that should gladden our hearts is that Jesus Christ, though God, was not too spiritual to participate in man’s everyday experience whether it is a wedding feast which gives us pleasure, a funeral which gives us pain, a sport by which we are entertained, an occupation by which we earn a living, or a course of study in which we are involved. It matters to Jesus because it affects us! But there is an important condition which has to be fulfilled. It is by inviting Him into our affairs.

Neglecting to invite Jesus into even the most ordinary things of our life has the same consequence as driving Him away from partaking in our every day experiences. But take note that when He is invited, He must be seen to be the One in the charge. Make sure that whatever the Lord tells you to do, do it diligently and He will treat you with kindness! Jesus can never accept to play the second fiddle. That is why He is the Lord.
It is only when you invite Him to your situation and do His bidding that He turns that situation around for your blessing and for the gory of His name.
-By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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