Faith and humility rewarded

Jesus Christ did not perform miracles just for the fun of it. Neither did He do them in order to draw undue attention to Himself. All His miracles were born out of deep love and compassion for suffering mankind. Every miracle had a spiritual import or message to convey.  In the healing of the man with leprosy, two factors combine to bring about the miracle.

In the first place, the leper defied the social ostracism to which he had been subjected. In coming to Jesus Christ, it did not matter to him what the society thought of him. He was in a desperate situation and there was only one Person who had the power to change his destiny. Nothing would stop him! When a person does the extraordinary to seek Jesus, Jesus will also do the extraordinary to seek need. In Jesus’ day, anyone who had a physical contact with a leper became defied himself. But the Great Healer was ready to defy this taboo in order to bring joy to the down-trodden. The compassion and power of Jesus Christ is just the same today and is available to you if only you can come to Him now, just as you are!
In the second place, the Roman officer (centurion), by virtue of his birth and nationality, was a stranger to the commonwealth of Israel. However, on account of his high social status, he was a man to reckon with. He desired healing for his servant who was very ill. And as he came to Jesus, he demonstrated both faith and humility. He recognized who Jesus was, and what He could do. And this is what most Jewish leaders at that time and even people around you now are too proud to acknowledge. Again, he did not allow arrogance, wealth, national pride, power, distance and time, to prevent him from coming to Jesus. As a matter of fact, his exalted position helped him to acknowledge all the more, the “superiority” of Jesus Christ Himself and thus profess his own unworthiness. It is in this light that such faith and humility can never go unrewarded. This man’s genuine faith must serve as a worthy example, even to those of us who have been ‘long-time’ Christians.
What barriers are blocking you right now from coming to Jesus? Is it money, social status, prejudice, former disappointments, or apparently unanswered prayers? Break these barriers for Jesus Himself bids you to come and He will in no wise reject you. Will you do it now?
–    By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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