Failed or Abandoned Project


Abandoned project should be a familiar concept in this part of the world, whether as private individuals, organizations or governments. Projects are said to be abandoned for many numerous reasons. As for the governments, some public commentators have attributed  it to corruption, improper budgeting, or discontinuity in governance. And for individuals, it could be said to be due to insolvency, family disagreements or even death.

But in heavenly business, there cannot be a failed or abandoned project. Every project as it pertains to God’s kingdom children (children of God or believers) is divinely conceptualized, with resources for execution, from start-to-finish, completely and adequately provided for.

God is eternally committed to achieving His final design and plan or project. He cannot be corrupted. His government cannot be interrupted or overthrone. He cannot go bankrupt. As long as you are maintaining your position in the queue, you must be paid. God’s bank does not close to customers. As long as you remain under His radar, He cannot renege oh His promises. He has promised to perfect that which concerns us, and He will surely do.
-By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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