Don’t Be Distracted In Your Mission


It is important that we draw lessons from the life and times of Jesus that made Him a divine and earthly phenomenon to behold. It is instructive to note that Jesus was not ready to be distracted or entangled by the devices of the Pharisees. He had a clear mission from the Father, and as a result, neither quarreled nor meddled with men of little minds. He was absolutely committed to His goal with an unbroken focus.

The father’s mission for us demands our soul, our live, and our all; and as such we do not have the luxury of time to meddle with men or be distracted by irrelevant tales told by busy bodies. If the world must hear us and through us come to trust in God, then we need to rise above spiritual mediocrity which thrives in human eyes but amount to0 mere trivialities from the perspective of heavens.
-By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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