Do not worry


It is so unfortunate that this world is full of all sorts of troubles and challenges. Jesus Christ in the Bible spoke to a multitude or crowd with different needs. Jesus identified two major things we tend to worry about in life. They are what we will eat and what we will drink. We can simply put it this way that we are always concern about our stomach and body; what we will wear to cover our nakedness or to be acceptable in the society. We also worry about our health. We worry about money, we worry about our economy, we worry about our security, and we also worry about work and so much more other things which we worry about. We just worry, worry, worry, worry and worry!!! God does not tell us to stop worrying over these things because we don’t really need them because He knows we need them. We can stop worrying because He has promised to take care of the essentials. Our soul is more important than food and our body more important than clothing to God. What is more important to you right now, your soul or your enjoyment of this life? What are you passing through now? Could you stop worrying and start trusting God? He surely cares for you. He is faithful, kind, generous and He will never abandon you. – By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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