Can this be true?

Many of us, in one way or the other, have come to a point in life when we find certain things incredible and too good to be true that we are tempted to ask: Can this be true? The effect of some things that happens is likened to the joy of a barren and desolate woman who suddenly discovers that she has many children. The Lord speaks to us and what He says is true. It is to be taken by faith and appropriated in our lives. We may have experienced barrenness, desolation, dryness and all forms of affliction that may have bent us over to the ground in the previous years, but by the power of the Word of God, we will break forth into singing, our tents shall be enlarged, the curtains of our dwelling shall be stretched, our cords shall be lengthened and our stakes strengthened.
-By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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