Blessed for being poor in spirit


The Sermon on the Mount is known among Christians as the Beatitudes (“Be-attitudes”). In it, Jesus tells of the attitudes His followers should adopt so as to be perfect as His father. God blesses those who live out these traits, who live by the code of conduct given. Jesus started with words that seem to contradict each other such as “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. The poor in spirit here does not mean those who have low self-esteem or low interest in spiritual things but those who recognize their spiritual poverty, their need for God and seek His grace. They know they have needs and they know they need God and do not imagine that by serving Him, they are doing Him a favour. Such humble people who realize their need for God to make them rich spiritually will be given the Kingdom of God. My dear friend, realize your spiritual poverty today and trust the Lord to make you rich. Do not be puffed up in your spirit and think you have arrived. Like Paul the Apostle in the Bible, press on to receive more from God, for there is blessedness for being poor in spirit. – By Jokpeme Joseph omode

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