Behold your mother


In this discuss we are going to say that John and Mary mother of Jesus Christ share some things in common. Both are endeared to Jesus – Mary is because she gave birth to Jesus and John on the other hand, beloved apostle who leaned on Christ during meals. Both played important roles in Jesus ministry. Mary as mother called Jesus to turn water into wine, although it was not yet time for such duty. John was so loved by Jesus that through Him, the disciples knew some deep mysteries even His betrayer – Judas Iscariot. Consequently, on the cross, Jesus knew that Mary and John will miss Him deeply and He cared for them deeply and He cared for their deep emotional need. Jesus had extraordinary love for His mother and John. Jesus cared for His mother, how about you? Do you communicate, help and encourage her? Mother deserves to be cherished, loved and adored with affections. Will you remember your mother today and always as Jesus did? The joy of it will make her live longer. – Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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