Be a true companion


A good definition of a companion is a person who shares the experience of another; especially when these are unpleasant or unwelcome. It is good and necessary you have a true companion who you will have confidence in to undertake difficult tasks assigned to them in the Lord’s vineyard. Can you be a true companion? How will you show it? Are you kind, loving, and willing to make sacrifice if possible as a true companion? Can you be trusted companion? Can you be a reliable companion? And can you be a hardworking companion? Are you sure you can be a true companion? Are you ready to be a true companion? If truly you are ready to be a true companion, then, no negative report should be given about you. Try to consider the report people have about you in your family, church, office, school, neighbourhood, and also try to amend or correct that which is considered wrong or bad and desperately needs change for good. Be a true companion! – By Jokpeme Joseph omode

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