Be honest and truthful and also avoid lies


Do you find pleasure in telling lies? Is it fun to you to tell lies? If you are enjoying telling lies, I will advice you to stop it. It does not make sense to tell lies. Train and teach yourself not to tell lies! It will lead you no where but ruin because in the end, you will get hurt when the truth comes out. No secret will be hidden forever. It will definitely pump out to be seen by all. Jesus told us in the Holy Bible that we should not swear by anything and that we should let “our yes, be yes” and No, be no. Here, God is emphasizing on the importance of telling the truth. When we are known as people of this world, that is truthful persons; then people will have confidence in us and believe whatever we say without swearing before they believe us. The problem we are having is untruthfulness, most times we say “A” and “B” even as Christians, so God is emphasizing on the need of our ‘Yes, being yes” and “No, being No” so that people will believe us at all times. Sometimes we hear people saying “if this person tells you to stop, please run, if he tells you to run, stop.” Simple meaning is that the person is untruthful. So my dear brethren think twice. Are you known as a man or a woman of his or her word? Are you being truthful or untruthful? – By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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