Be faithful to your spouse and don’t try cheating


So many people are never faithful to their spouse? They always cheat and feel it is good? They feel it is enjoyment but it will all end in ruin. How are you treating your spouse? Is it in the negative way? It will lead to hurt! It simply does not make sense to cheat or being unfaithful. Must you fall a victim? I don’t think it is good when someone will get hurt. Jesus admonishes us to remain faithful to our spouse and to avoid divorce because it is not God’s injunction. Divorce is not allowed as Christians, even when one partner is misbehaving, what you need to do is to complain to the person that made you people (I mean God Almighty) keep loving the spouse in all things whether good or bad as you vowed during marriage. The spouse whose selfish attitude is hurting the relationship should repent; there should be forgiveness of each other. Please when one is unfaithful, solution is not divorce rather, repentance and prayer. How are you treating your spouse? Are your actions helping your marriage to grow stronger or are you tearing the marriage apart? Repent, be faithful to your spouse and help build your family. – By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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