Are you Meek or lowly?

Meekness here refers to the reception of injuries with a belief that God will vindicate you. It consists in forgiving injuries, bearing insults and doing good for evil. It carries the idea of gentleness, humility and self-discipline.  Meekness does not mean surrendering of rights, cowardice or weakness, but the opposite of anger, malice, long-harboured vengeance etc. in ancient (and even modern days) the meek were usually cheated and their property (land) seized such that many think it is foolish to be meek today. But Jesus says, “Blessed are the meek”. They shall inherit the earth where heaven is not excluded. They shall have al things necessary for life and godliness. They shall enjoy whatever portion God has given them on earth and possess the new earth where righteousness will dwell.

My dear friend, are you meek and lowly? Do you know that you gain (and not lose at all) by being meek? God will make good to you all things. So therefore, take a step today to be meek and gentle as opposed to being proud and arrogant or ambitious. I will admonish you to be delight yourself in the Lord.
–    By Jokpeme Joseph Omde

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