Sports and Recreation

Watching sports is one of the favorite recreational activities for people all over the world. When we think of sports we often think of the great athletes that play sports such as football and baseball; but some of the finest athletes in all of sports are not human. There are popular sports that feature the […]

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Technology could be more pervasive in our lives.

What could be more pervasive in our lives? Technology is any advance in making useful things. Most technologies are based on the sciences – engineering, industry, energy, communications, computers, electronics, transportation, etc. Technological developments began with the Stone Age and have included industrial … Keep Reading → technology, the steam engine, railroads, photography, the printing […]

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Pets and Animals

Pets & Animals are kept by many people as companions – the most common being cats and dogs. Other mammals make good pets, like rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, and hamsters. Some people keep reptiles, amphibians, and fish in tanks or other enclosures. Others have birds in cages. The first domesticated, or tame, animals were kept […]

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South African Regulator Allows Pornographic TV Channels

South Africa’s communications regulator, ICASA, on Wednesday gave permission for satellite television network TopTV to broadcast three “sexually explicit” channels, saying there was no legal basis to reject the application.The decision opens the gates for wider dissemination of pornography in Africa’s largest economy, where regulators have previously rejected bids, saying such broadcasts could offend a […]

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CISPA author Rep. Mike Rogers, who successfully navigated his legislation through the House of Representatives despite ongoing privacy concerns

CISPA plan to let feds receive confidential data wins big House vote

CISPA author Rep. Mike Rogers (left), who successfully navigated his legislation through the House of Representatives despite ongoing privacy concerns. (Credit: Getty Images) The U.S. House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved a controversial data-sharing bill that would authorize e-mail and Internet providers to share confidential information with the federal government. By a 288-127 vote today, […]

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Kepler-62 and the solar system

Here is Kepler-62 and the solar system

NASA today announced that Kepler, its alien world-hunting spacecraft, has discovered two previously unknown planetary systems including three super-Earth size planets in the much-coveted “habitable zone” capable of sustaining life. This diagram compares the planets of our solar system to Kepler-62, one of the newly found systems. The five-planet system is a relatively close 1,200 […]

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