China accuses the US of hacking government websites


THE GLORIOUS People’s Republic of China has accused the US of routinely mounting hacking attacks on its defence ministry and military websites.
According to Reuters, Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said Chinese government websites are attacked 144,000 times a month. He claimed that over 62 percent of those hacking attacks originate from US IP addresses.
The news comes following a recent report that accused the Chinese military of funding cyber attacks on 141 companies. In the report, security firm Mandiant linked a number of attacks back to IP addresses based in China.
Chinese officials denied the allegations by claiming that cyber criminals often bounce IP addresses off of Chinese servers.
At the time, officials said Chinese government websites are often hacked by people using US IP addresses. Military officials said that the origins of the IP addresses in the attacks don’t mean that the attacks are from the US government.
Along with denying the attacks, the Chinese government also recently said that it does not have any soldiers engaged in cyber warfare. A statement on China’s national defence website claimed that it only has soldiers running cyber warfare drills.
Yansheng said that China’s military is operating without a cyber warfare team in spite of other countries building up similar military divisions. He claimed China is still a long way behind the cyber spying capabilities of other countries.
“Compared with military capabilities around the world there is still a gap,” he said in a statement.
The Chinese accusation coincides with the ongoing RSA Conference 2013. During this year’s conference security research firm Sophos gave a presentation asking security researchers to dial down concerns about hacking attacks from the Chinese government.

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