Face of an Angel

November 26, 2012 1:57 pm

Face of an Angel          Written April 28th  2011  by Jokpeme Joseph Omode
How can I tell the rain not to fall when the clouds exist?
How can I tell the leaves not to fall when the winds exist?
How can I tell you not to fall in love when I exist?
I gave you true love as breakfast;
Tender care as lunch,
And a big hug as with dinner.
And now the world wants to tell me to leave you.
Not at all and not even to be mentioned.
When I looked up to the cloud,
I saw it was dark.
But surprisingly, I saw a shining light in the midst of darkness.
When I looked,
It was the face of an angel
But when I looked a final look,
Behold, it was you.
You are a paragon of beauty,
An embodiment of love.
You are more than the world to me;
You are a centre of attraction and peak of success.
Your beauty is so captivating
And your tender care is so loving
That I desire and need you every second.
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