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Samsung pokes fun at Iphone 5 fans

Apple iPhone 5 front featuring 4G and 4in screen

KOREAN HARDWARE GIANTSamsung is poking fun at Apple fans and the upcoming Iphone 5 in an advert designed to make us realise that its Galaxy S3 is the best handset around.
The advert shows a bunch of young trendies queueing outside an Apple store and talking excitedly about the incoming phone.
They make inane comments like “the headset jack is going to be on the bottom” and “They make the coolest adapters”, and gas on about how the screen will be bigger.
It could be an advert for the Iphone, until someone is spotted using a Galaxy S3. The Galaxy, you see, has things that the Iphone does not, such as the ability to swap a music playlist through a bump against another handset.
It also has 4G and a large screen, giving it something on a lead on the Iphone 5. This sort of thing impresses those people who are queueing and makes some wonder what they are doing there.
The real kick in the teeth though, comes when it is revealed that someone has been saving a spot in line for some elderly people. “Ha ha, how funny. Grandparents like the Iphone these days,” seems to be the message.
Which, depending on how old you are, will either endear Samsung to you or not.
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