Must have iPhone apps for PR professionals


For busy professionals with workloads to keep on top of, clients to manage and social media to keep taps on, the iPhone is so much more than just a gadget. With the right apps, a PR professional’s iPhone is a vital part of staying organised and delivering effectively on the move. Here are a few indispensible iPhone apps for the busy PR pro.
Awesome Note
This app provides everything the busy PR professional needs to manage their workload from their iPhone. Create memos and lists to ensure every aspect of your PR campaigns stays up-to-date and manageable. Awesome Note syncs with Google Docs so you’ve got everything you need in one handy place, on the train, in a checkout queue or away on business.
Expense View
Great for managing a household budget, Expense View is also the perfect iPhone app for monitoring a PR campaign budget and keeping on top of spending. View graphs and charts of sending through Expense View to make managing your budget visual and simple.
This is an excellent app for any professionals who need to share files with contacts while on the move. Send PDFs, Word, Excel, Powerpoint easily even when you’re out of the office. This free app is a must-have for the busy PR professional.
This task management app sells itself on being a cinch to use with an intuitive interface that is pleasing on the eye. Keeping on top of your PR campaigns is crucial to your success and Things is a vital tool to help you deliver and save time. With tag, project and task options, Things will keep you in touch and on top.
Evernote is the perfect app for any professional. Never forget a thing again with the apps features. Share notes, tasks and project details with colleagues and sync the app to your other devices. Save and organise web pages, research and business events. Evernote is a really great app that will quickly become a vital part of your public affairs jobs.
Mobile RSS
PR professionals have so many websites, blogs, tweets and Facebook posts to follow it can be difficult to be sure you’re getting it all as it happens. With Mobile RSS you can capture hundreds of websites and feeds and keep on the ball from wherever you are.
The ultimate social media management app, Hootsuite will ensure you know what’s being tweeted and schedule social media releases. Manage numerous accounts, plan out your social media posts and share the schedule with colleagues to ensure excellent PR campaigns. Hootsuite has got to be one of the stand-out iPhone apps for PR professionals. Get it.
Busy PR professionals can’t afford to miss a thing and all PR campaigns rely on excellent management. These iPhone apps will help even the most organised PR professionals sleep better at night knowing they’re truly on top of their work, leaving more energy for you to spend on those vital creative decisions.

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