Mac OS X Mountain Lion Versus Windows 8: Is it an OS war?


We will witness another revolution in the year 2012 in computer operating system field. As far as the recent discussions are concerned, it is said that the release date of two new OS clashes in the coming months of this year. They are Mac’s OS X Mountain Lion and Microsoft Windows 8. With these OS releasing side by side, a war has been declared as to who impresses the users more than the other.

Android App Reviews usually remains in the highlights through the year, but the release of the OS have taken all the limelight recently.
Microsoft has said that it will release their OS Windows 8 on the 26th of October this year and it is expected that Mac OS X Mountain Lion will be released probably in the month of August this year. Both the companies have tried to provide as much features they can give through their respective OS. Let find out the similarities as well as the dissimilarities between these two great giants.

  • Appearance: Apart from traditional features such as task bar, Windows explorer and start menu Windows 8 also have the new start screen where the icons are found in the square and rectangle form. One will even find the ‘Live Tiles’ here that enables every user to know the message notification or app related , it appears in the live tile and there is no need of opening the app. The information gets displayed in the form of slideshow on the tile. In addition to that, Metro Style UI makes the Windows 8 look more pleasant and colorful that is hardly found in the other versions of Windows.
  • On the other hand, Mac OSX Mountain Lion has a very usual and typical desktop to offer to its viewers. One will find a similar thing like that of live tile in windows 8 here known as Launch Pad. The apps are found in the form of grid in the iPad and further condensed to different icons. While we make a comparison, Windows 8 steals the show as far as the look of both the OS is concerned. The feature of Live Tile present in Windows 8 makes all the difference.
  • Application Market: As far as the availability of the apps is concerned, Mac’s OS X Mountain Lion has a lot more compared to Windows 8 store. The apps offered by Mac are categorized properly and the user can even purchase or download them with the help of a single click. On the other hand, the Windows store has less app compared to Mac. But the store is still very attractively and smartly designed.
  • Cloud Storage facility: Both the competitors offer a cloud storage facility to its users which has become a necessary feature now. In case of Mac, it is called iCloud. It allows the users to have control over their documents, apps, profiles of game centers by giving them just one user id and password. The feature of single log-in works in case of Mac. In Windows, the cloud storage is called SkyDrive. With the help of this, the user can access the apps from anywhere and the company further claims that this cloud storage will prove to be the most effective among all the others.
  • File Management: In case of Mac, the Finder app helps in customization and file searching. The files are automatically sorted out while the user searches for it according to type, name creation date etc. But in Windows 8 the file searching can be done in the start menu itself. The results seem to appear in the right side of the screen itself. 

The comparison between the two giant OS seems quite interesting. Once they are released in the market, it will be clear as to who gains more popularity.
So for the time being, keep aside the android app reviews and concentrate on finding out more differences in the feature of this two OS. It is then you can finally end up purchasing the best of the two.

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