Super Mario 3D Land Image

Look! A shameless Mario rip-off!

Super Mario 3D Land Image

Hey, remember that one time that some sleazy developer released a terrible rip-off of Mario Kart 7? The game, titled Mole Kart, was too similar to Mario and company’s latest racing endeavor as far as levels and features are concerned. It was hilarious, but it was completely shameless.
Now, another one of Mario’s 3DS outings is being imitated on the App Store. This time, we’ve got a crappy rip-off of Super Mario 3D Land titled 3D Cartoon Land: Safari. Ridiculously stupid name aside, the game also looks pretty bad. I mean, just look at those wacky graphics and character models.
Seriously, how blatant can you get? There are turtles with red shells and coins everywhere! Here’s hoping Apple takes the game down, as it would be kind of messed up for a lot of people to waste 99 cents on such

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