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Is Myspace addicting?


It all depends on who you are talking to as to what answer you get to the question “Is Myspaceaddicting?”. Some would argue that it is addicting because their kids or spouses spend hours there. What do people do in there all that time that they spend on Myspaceanyway? Others would argue that it’s not addicting. Their friends are there and it’s the only contact that they often have with people they would have otherwise lost contact with.

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The real answer is that it can be addicting. It isn’t necessarily going to be just because you get a Myspace account. It can only become an addiction if you allow it to. Just as chatrooms, gambling, alchohol or drugs “can be” an addiction, so goes the idea that Myspace “can be” also.
Let’s look at some of the ways that myspace could be considered addictive. This is just a quick overview of the potentials for it to happen. If you avoid these pitfalls, you might just find an enjoyable experience that doesn’t take up all of your time:
Advantage: Myspace is a great place to find old friends or to keep in touch with your family and friends that you don’t get to see everyday. Social networking is an amazing creation that has allowed more and more contact with loved ones and a great way to meet new people.
The Pitfall: When you begin to add people to your friends list that you have never heard of before and will probably never talk to. I am not talking about bands or business’ but actual people that you never heard of before. Why would anyone do that you might ask. They do this to look like they have hundreds or even thousands of friends. The only people that should have this high count in their friends list are bands and business’. The rest of us normal people can’t possibly talk to that many people everyday or even every month. Stick to who you know.
Advantage: Surveyingis a lot of fun. It can give others a chance to get to know something about you that they didn’t know before. It can also keep the boredom blues away for a few minutes.
Pitfall: Doing so many surveysa day that you realize just how many of them have the exact same questions over and over again, is going too far. If you spend that much time on surveys in Myspace, you may need to look around you to see if the cob webs are hanging off of every part of your body except your typing fingers.
been feeling down. It’s kind of like shopping for a card except it doesn’t cost anything.
Pitfall: You can spend hours looking for little graphic commentson hundreds of different web sites. You don’t have to send everyone a personal message. If you want to say Merry Christmas, send a bulletin with one image on it that says it to everyone at once. If you have someone special that you want to give a personal

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comment to, that’s okay. Sending forty to fifty different ones to each person is just crazy and borders closely on addiction.
Advantage: Myspace Applications can be a lot of fun. Joining Mobsters or Mafia Wars or any of the other hundreds of applications that Myspacenow has can be another great way to bust up the boredom. It’s fun to watch you money grow and to randomly attack and kill people. By all means join one of them if you enjoy gaming.
Pitfall: These games are probably the most addicting thing on Myspace. When you first join, you think it’s a little boring, but you keep playing anyway to give it a fair chance. Then it happens. You see that the more you build up your Mobster members and the more you build up your money, the more properties, ammunition and vehicles you can buy. It’s a vicious cycle and it only gets worse. Please keep in mind that this isn’t really your money or your property. It isn’t real folks. It’s just a game meant to pass the time. It is very addictive and you should treat it with care.
Advantage: You love your friends and you want to know that they love you. One of the ways to show how much someone means to you is to make them one of your top ten in your myspace.
Pitfall: If this is your thought process, you may need to step back and realize what you just said. No one should base how much someone loves them or how much they love someone by what spot they hold in someone’s Myspace friends list.
There are a million and one things that you can do on Myspace. I could spend all day going over the many ways that it could be addicting. It really is up to the user as to how addicting it will be. That doesn’t make Myspacea bad place to visit. Just don’t be one of those visitors that wears out their welcome. Keep a level head. It’s just a place on the internet. It holds no special magic. The only power that it has over it’s users is the power that the user gives it. So, don’t forget to visit those other websites. They are starting to get a little jealous of the time that you spend with Tom. Please, also don’t forget that you have real life family and friends that would like to spend some real time with you instead of just getting a bunch of comments.

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