How To Improve Your iPod Battery Life


Learning how to improve your iPod battery life gives you more opportunity to maximize the use of your iPod. It is a hassle for someone listening to music or podcast when all of a sudden, the battery dies. Here are some tips that you can do to extend the battery life of your iPod, and prevent it from dying quickly:
1. Minimize the Backlight Timer
The backlight consumes almost 30% of the battery. It is one of the biggest causes of battery drain, so better minimize the time in consumes. You can go to Settings then choose Backlight Timer to adjust the time.
2. Use minimum brightness
The brighter the iPod screen is, the more energy it consumes. You can use the minimum possible brightness that you can see, to extend the battery life. Adjust this setting by going to Settings then Brightness.
3. Turn off the clicker confirmation audible feedback
When using the click wheel or touch screen interface, turn off the audible feedback to minimize power consumption. Just go to Settings then Clicker then choose Off.
4. Use hold switch
By using the hold switch, you can let the iPod ignore the accidental input.
5. Pause if you are not listening
Do not let the iPod play when not used. Pause whenever you are not listening for a bit.
6. Avoid changing tracks
Avoid skipping tracks forward or backward. Utilize the playlist efficiently.
7. Turn off the Equalizer
When the Equalizer is calculating and modifying the music, it significantly drains the battery life. Turn off the Sound Check and EQ by going to Settings then EQ then choose Off.
8. Use mp3 compression
It is better to play sounds in mp3 format since they can save battery life. Moreover, they are smaller in file size so they occupy lesser space in the hard drive.
9. Do not expose the iPod in the hot temperature
Heat can degrade the performance of the battery so keep your iPod away from a hot car or sun.
10. Update the software often
Software developers often fix bugs and improve the iPod software. New updates minimize the use of the battery so always update your iPod whenever there is a new version.
What To Do When iPod Battery Dies
There are few options that you can do when the battery of your iPod dies. You can go ahead and buy a new one if you want, but there might be more affordable options. Apple has a battery replacement program but it is somewhat expensive. For cheaper options, look for other retailers that sell battery replacements. Alternately, you can check out cheaper external backup batteries.
By following simple tips, you can extend the battery life of your iPod. However, if your iPod battery dies, look for cheaper ways to find a replacement.

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