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fun ways to dress up a cozy sweater


A Cozy sweater is an indispensable item of clothing when it comes to keeping warm during winter. They are also a great canvas for lots of fashionable looks.  This article looks at how to take a classic sweater and reinvent it several times over.
Five fun ways to dress up a cozy sweater:
Pair it with a scarf
One of the more obvious ways to dress up a cozy sweater is to pair it with a nice scarf. Nowadays you will find an almost endless array of colors, prints and fabrics available to choose from. They also tend to be an affordable way to create a new look.

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Try a Snood
As an extension on the classic scarf and sweater combination, why not try partnering your sweater with a snood. Snoods are like scarfs created in one round piece, many can be worn up over the head creating a hood with a built in scarf at the neck.
Add a Faux collar
Many high street style stores now sell faux collars that can be worn back with any top you desire. If your cozy sweater has a high neckline, it should work well with a detachable collar. This can really help give your sweater a new look.  You will find basic shirt style collars, through to lace creations an even faux fur designs.
Pop on a Brooch
Another quick and easy option is to pop on a brooch. You could wear it to one side of your chest, or in the center of the neckline to create a different look. Alternatively consider buying two or more affordable brooches and get creative with how you wear them. You could wear one on the hem of each sleeve, or wear several along the neckline to make the sweater look like it has a feature neckline.
Layer it
The final way to dress up your cozy sweater is to layer it with other pieces in your wardrobe. One of the classic approaches is to take a collared shirt and wear this under your sweater. Alternatively if your sweater has a round or v neck, you could pop a lace camisole underneath that will show in the neck area.

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