Christian Church Communion Meditation

The Christian church communion meditation was instituted by Jesus the Christ himself on the night of his betrayal. Jesus was a faithful Jewish man and as such he participated in the feast of the Passover. On this night he illuminated to His disciples that He was the final Passover Lamb. His words were, “This is my blood that was shed for you…this is my body that was broken for you.” These

words were prophetic, but true.The Christian church remembers Christ’s sacrifice with a communion meditation during monthly or weekly services depending on the denomination. The elders of the church either pass out the bread and wine or juice or each church member comes to the front to partake of the sacraments. Each church has their own ceremony ritual for remembrance, but it basically means the same thing as church members are remembering the sacrifice Christ made to save them from spiritual death.Many churches believe the mind should be in a reverent state during communion and not be racing with other thoughts. That is why meditation is necessary during the communion process so ones mind ceases to wander and he can think about how Christ died for his sins. Christ said to remember him with the communion and the faithful should do so earnestly and humbly.A person can find more concerning the communion and Christ’s death and resurrection by reading their bible or looking online at Christian religious sites that explain the communion meditation in more detail and how to conduct oneself during the ceremony. Many may take the communion experience lightly not understanding that they may feel a real spiritual experience if they will only find the right frame of mind during the process. Find out more about Christ and his sacrifices for us at 1 Corinthians 11:17-22. More reference links:

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