Christian Appreciation Poems for Pastors


Christian appreciation poems for pastors are frequently read or gifted to the pastor on a special occasion. One such occasion is for the anniversary of the pastor or the church. An additional use for the appreciation poem, is to help uplift the pastor or to keep him or her motivated and inspired. Essentially, the poems are used as expressions of love from the congregation to the pastor.There is

one Christian appreciation poem that is rather famous and has encouraged an entire movement of pastor appreciation outpourings. This poem is called: “Why Pastor Why?”. It was written to address the concern of the pastor who felt like he was not worthy of being a pastor. This piece was written from the perspective of the congregant who in the poem received an answer from God. This poem represents for Christians the struggle that they each face, both members and pastors, to maintain their faith. Because of the success of this poem, a whole ensemble of pastor appreciation poems, gifts and accessories was created.Another Christian appreciation poem for pastors is written by Deanna Malaway. The poem uses the word PASTOR as an acrostic and it was written for the ordination of her pastor. The poem is as follows: “A pastor’s heart is protective and guards his flock from Satan’s snares. A pastor’s heart is attentive and seeks to know his people’s cares. A pastor’s heart is sacrificial and for his sheep will give its all. A pastor’s heart is tender and listens to the Spirit’s call. A pastor’s heart is obedient and heeds the Master’s commands. A pastor’s heart is reflective and considers he is but a man”The giving of the poems can take the form of sending cards, letters or other tangible mediums that feature the poetry. Another method for sharing the poem is to recite it during a special service and then present it to the pastor on paper. More reference links:

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