Choosing a Vocation


“One thing that almost everyone has to face in their lifetime is choosing the vocation they want to enter. There isn’t really a set time in your life when you choose your vocation. Some people know what they want to do or be from a very young age while others spend their lives trying to figure it out, bouncing from job to job, sometimes in many different vocations.There are many factors to

consider when trying to choose a vocation. Do you actually like what you are considering? Is it something that is going to be able to sustain you, or will you need to have something else to fall back on? Is there a strong demand for your chosen vocation? One very serious question to consider about your chosen vocation is “”will I be happy doing this all my life?”” Happy workers are productive workers. When you choose a vocation that you enjoy, whether it be journalism, construction, fashion modeling, law enforcement, nursing, or managing a restaurant, you will find it much easier to get up and go to work every day since it is more of a hobby than a job. And you get paid for doing it! You’ve already got half the problem whipped. If you get paid well for doing what you enjoy, then you have the whole problem whipped. I have always found it easier to go to work for 8 dollars per hour doing something I loved than forcing myself to be somewhere I hated for 20 dollars per hour. Choose a vocation that is going to make you happy and your life will be much better for it.”

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