Choctaw Symbols


Choctaw symbols are from the American Indian Choctaws who are members of the large Muskogean tribe originally living in Southern Mississippi. They have a rich history that goes back to the the early new world times to the present. Most of the major historical events that have happened in the southern United States have had the Choctaw Nation play a part in them. Today the Choctaw Nation is

centered in the Southeastern part of Oklahoma where they were moved in 1830. Women play a major role in Choctaw life.The tribe is known to care for their families and communities, to participate in sports, and to benefitfrom their arts and crafts.As with other cultures, they have different types of verbal, musical, and pictorial symbols to express themselves. Symbols evident in modern Choctaw clothing are the snake, cross, triangle, rectangle, circle, ball, coiled snake, and friendship.The bald eagle is the symbol of peace and harmony. It is also the symbol of messages between the humans and the gods.The sun is a symbol of growth and happiness. It is the life giving force to the people. It is the central symbol to the Choctaw religious belief. It is an object that enlightens all things.The diamond represents the diamond back rattlesnake. This is a main source of food production for the Choctaws. It is also the source of medicine and is treated with a certain reverence. It is a focal point on the design of all dresses and things worn by the elders.The circle and the cross represent “kebutsha.” Kebutsha is the most popular game in the Choctaw culture. an old custom was for players to hang their sticks in the shape of an X in their home in between games. The meaning behind this Choctaw symbol is the hope of players to cross paths with opponents again and again on friendly grounds to play “kebutsha.”More reference links: and

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