Life must go on by Omode Jokpeme Joseph


Life must go on written by Omode Jokpeme Joseph on 21st April 2004
No matter the stance, no matter the deeds
No matter the done; life must go on, must go on
No matter the pains, no matter the tears and sorrows of life;
Life must go on.
No matter the trials, no matter the tribulation and destruction;
Life must go on.
Enjoyment and Suffering alike comes from life;
It must go on.
Life is kind, life is wicked and life is full of choices and hope
But still, it must go on.
Life is full of ups and down and life is full of torturing sorrow     
 And predicaments and difficulties but it must go on.
Life has dragged us to distress;
And at times it can make us gain in joy and loss in sorrow
But it must surely go on.
Do not let its filthy pores touch you
And enjoy in the mist of it
We must be dreaming but it is going on as you sail on it.
Let your boat on the better side hence you sank
                          Into the part of cruelty.
Life is ripe; beware of its harshness
But adjust it, enjoy it, feel it and cherish it;
No matter the stance, no matter the deeds, no matter the done;
No matter the difficulties and troubles and maybe life must be boiling and cooking but it must go on.
That is life
Dedicated by life
For life
In life
From life
To life.
 No matter the stance, the deeds, the humiliations, the stress, the trials, tribulation, pestilence, disaster, destruction, pains, tears, sorrows, weeping, loss, hunger, lack, abundance and so on and you can keep naming it if you can cannot stop life from going on.
Brethren, I beg you to read slowly and understandingly. It is not really easy and I don’t even think it is possible to run away from problems because there is no place you can run to that trouble will not find you. All of life itself is trouble in one form or the other, and if you are a careful reader of the Bible; one important fact you can pick from of all the men in the Bible is that, they all uniformly got into trouble but they got out of it. So my brethren, I beg of you; if you are looking for a problem existence, I think assuredly that you are having a fraudulent dream because no one is immune from trouble and problems have no regard for any one. And I will also alert you that a problem free life is only available at the cemetery. So what I am trying to say here is that; whether you like it or not, God will always leave a challenge in your life that you have to conquer. Before I forget this; know this well as a person that life itself is a process of solving problems and to a believer, every problem should be seen as a miracle in disguise. God will not deliver you from problem, but He will deliver you in the problem. Your problems can make you better or they can make really very very bitter. You problem can either build you up or burst you, but the truth is that, every problem has a life span and an expiring date.  And moreover, God in His own infinite mercy does not reveal everything at the same time; he reveals some and hides some. He works line upon line, precept upon precept, and by the time you sit down to calculate the wheels on which life runs, you will find out that problems are springboards to progress and growth. I want to be practical somehow but what you do now is to observe and think to it as you find some elements of truth in these practical experiences of problems of life. It was someone like you who finds himself in a problem that sat down and made the bulb that brought light. It was because there was a problem of lack of light  and also because rooms used to get dark that makes the person to bring about bulb. The bulb which brings about light was made so ease the movement of lamp stand and also to eradicate the movement of light from one place to another. The person thought about the problem and the person also took his own precious time to figure out a solution to the problem of light so that you can’t really move light around. This simply means that; a scientist sat down and began to experiment, he carried out over twenty thousand experiments and he was failing, until he finally got it. So what I am trying to say here is that the problem brought about growth and progress in the human race.  Take also for instance and think about this, in the olden days where there is no means of transportation such a road, air, rail and pipeline. And also in the old days where there were no means of communication with cell phones, computers etc. and also think about in those days where there were no means light and transportation of crude oil, food, raw material etc. All these ones that were listed above were all problems of man but now they are all solved for growth and progress of life. Whether you like it or not, into every life, a little bit of rain of trouble will fall and you cannot be victorious if you do not go into battle. You cannot begin to give testimony when you have not passed through a test. But the truth of the matter is this, whichever condition you find yourself in now, it is not as important as you attitude. What matters is what happens in you, is not what is happening to you. And don’t forget that every decision, either great or small starts with a decision.

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