12 Tweets Proving Spring Has Sprung Early (And Brits Are Lovin’ It)

12 Tweets Proving Spring Has Sprung Early (And Brits Are Lovin' It)

The weather reached double digits last week, we got a glorious weekend on the sunshine front and, Monday’s grey skies aside, now all we Brits can dream of is long days and warm nights – mostly spent in beer gardens or barbecuing anything we can get our mitts on.Okay, so we could be running away with ourselves, but at least we’re doing so in socks not tights. It’s only February but we’re already in spring mode – and with more warm weather heading our way this week, here are 12 tweets proving we’ve never been more ready.1. We’re Already Waving Goodbye To Winter Boots.
Hiya ankles.4. Some Are Considering Bracing The Shave.
Shorts season is upon us. 

This weather makes me wanna shave my legs ☀️☀️☀️— Billie Jo (@angel92076) February 15, 2019

5. On The Streets, People Are Donning Sunnies.
Little ones, big ones, any shape you can think of.I’m so here for the weather finally making me feel like it’s appropriate to wear my sunglasses as a hair accessory 24/7— Becky (@becccckkkyyyyy) February 17, 2019

6. Some Are Bringing Out The Sun Cream.
We’re all about that factor 50.I’m that Brit who’s getting her arms out and considering suncream for day out on the first slightly warm day of year. Have texted everyone I know about weather change with subject ‘V IMPORTANT’— Emma Victoria Jones (@JonesEmmie) February 17, 2019

7. Dusting Off Of T-Shirts Has Commenced.
Arm hairs across the country are breathing a sigh of relief.It’s 14 degrees. Blue skies, feel like whipping out the t shirt and shorts, BBQ vibes without actually doing the cooking 😞 weather is saucy right now— Mancunian Candidate (@NotMyAt_) February 17, 2019

9. The Lens Flare Has Officially Been Mastered.
A sure sign that the sun is here to stay.10. And The Commute To Work Is (Finally) In Daylight.
We’re here for that 7am dose of vitamin D.Going to work in the morning and it actually being light outside is glorious— Olivia Cuthbertson (@_oliviac) February 16, 2019

11. Local Wildlife Is Getting In On The Action.
Oh butterflies how we’ve missed you.Next Stop, Summer.


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