10 ways to bag cheap Nandos from £5 off to cheeky meal hacks as 1.8million freebies go unclaimed

10 ways to bag cheap Nandos from £5 off to cheeky meal hacks as 1.8million freebies go unclaimed

NANDO’S hacks have been revealed so you can cheat the system and enjoy chicken and sides for a sweeter price.
The Piri-Piri chain has said that there are 1.8 million unclaimed freebies on Nando’s loyalty cards in the UK waiting to be gobbled up.
Alamy Here are ten ways to get your favourite chicken dinner for cheap as chips
Moneysavingexpert.com have explored the ways that punters can score a deal on meals including how you can save over £5 on your dinner.
1. Check your Nando’s loyalty cards
According to Nando’s, as of April this year there are 1.8 million freebies waiting to be claimed by customers with loyalty cards.
You can check your card online once it’s registered or in store to see if you can bag yourself any free chicken.
Cardholders get a ‘chili’ for every £7 spent, which then goes towards free food.
Three chilies will earn you a free quarter chicken or FireStarter, which typically cost around £4.10.
Double that and you can get free half a chicken or choice of burger, pitta or wrap, which will set you back £7.60 usually.
And if you really do love Nando’s and you’ve collected ten chilies you can bag yourself a free whole chicken or any combo meal with two sides worth around £13.50.
2. Copy your mate
If you’re going out for dinner with a pal and you are both ordering the same food, why not opt for a platter and save yourself a fiver?
Platters work out the best value for money if you get the same food for two.
For example, those ordering two lots of chicken, chips, and drinks pay £26, however, if you order the ‘meal platter’, which comes with a whole chicken, two regular sides and two bottomless drinks costing £20.95.
3. DIY burger stack
The chicken used in a Nando’s chicken burger is smaller to fit inside the bun, so why not make it yourself? Order a butterfly chicken, Portuguese bread roll and make your own DIY burger for £9.15 – saving yourself 60p.
The downside to this is the lack of lettuce or tomato.
4. 20 percent off for emergency services, forces and NHS
Flash staff your photo ID card and get yourself 20 percent off your order if you’re part of the NHS, emergency services or armed forces.
Alamy There are simple and unknown ways to save cash here and there as well as landing yourself freebies
Just to remember that this only works when dining in or collecting takeaway orders directly from the restaurant – not for online or delivery orders.
The discount is valid for the whole table too – so treat your friends.5. Go large with fries
Order one large portion of chips to share with a pal rather than ordering two regular portions and save yourself 40p AND get on average 14 extra chips.
6.  Battle of the chicken
If you are a fan of butterfly chicken costing £8.25 you may want to rethink your choice as you get more meat for your money if you order the half chicken for £7.60 – so long as you don’t mind the bone.
7. Downsize your meal
If you want something a little smaller for your tea then you can order from the ‘Nandinos’ section which will see you save as much as £4.50.
The sides are slightly smaller but for a light bite, this is a good shout.
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8. Be wise with your stamps
Nando’s has designed the rewards scheme so you still have to spend in order to claim them.
For example, claiming a free quarter chicken will save you £3.95, but you’ll still have to pay £5 for two sides if you normally have a combo meal. Getting a combo meal would typically cost £3.50 to add the two sides, so you’re only saving £1.50.
The best value return on the loyalty card is if you save up ten chilies and go for the free combo meal – and you won’t have to pay for sides.
9. Dodge the sugar tax
Only one drink at Nando’s is affected by the sugar tax – original Coca-Cola. Choose this for your bottomless drink and it will cost 20p more.
10. Cut out the middle man
Why not make Nando’s at home? Though it’s not a real Nando’s meal, it’s just as good and you can serve a Nando’s style meal for four people for around £1 to £2 per head.
Pick up chicken breast from the supermarket and add Nando’s branded cooking marinades, peri-peri salt, and spice rubs and you’re on a roll. See Nandos recipes here.


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