Otago University expedition. Photo / Supplied

Exploring Antarctica : It’s vast, frozen and 4000km away at the very bottom of the world

Professor Gary Wilson is used to the vagaries of Antarctic weather. Photo / Alan GibsonFreezing wind storms. Temperatures plunging to -40C. Months of perpetual daylight or darkness. These brutal, barely imaginable conditions seem positively Martian. Yet throughout the Antarctic’s summer season, geologists, microbiologists, climatologists and oceanographers are out in this extreme white wilderness, sometimes hundreds […]

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Danger to Earth lungs

 Members of the Awa Tribe in the Para province of the Brazilian Amazon Jungle walk along a path cleared by loggers. Photo / Supplied About half the 15,000 tree species in the Amazon – the world’s most diverse forest – are threatened by deforestation, an international study says. The report lays bare the destruction of […]

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