Spanking NEW Video: Trailer of The Wedding Party 2- Destination Dubai

November 6, 2017 6:40 pm

The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai brings us up to date with the newly-married couple who are now expecting a baby.

The party just got bigger, the drama just got crazier ? fans relish new trailer and poster for The Wedding Party 2

Is reformed bachelor Dozie ready for this? Felix and Obianuju are still working on their relationship – but has he given up ‘Small Chops’ for good? Everyone’s favourite character, ‘Tin-Tin’, is up to her usual hilarious antics, while being indulged by her beloved ‘Bam-Bam’. Will crazy best man Sola succeed in getting close to the feisty Yemisi and does Nonso go all the way with Deardre, after that surprise kiss at the end of the last movie.
And, of course, there is another wedding.
Who will it be this time and why are they all in Dubai?

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