Photos & Video: Uber passenger in bra caught on camera stealing money from her driver’s tip jar

November 8, 2017 1:42 pm

A woman was caught on camera brazenly emptying her Uber driver’s tip jar while staring straight into the dash cam.

The woman was travelling along with her friends when she decided to steal a tip jar

The incident was caught on camera as the driver dropped off a group of friends in New York City.

During the video, which runs for about two minutes, there is no suggestion whatsoever that the woman, who is wearing a bra and skirt, is about to make off with the money and she doesn’t even appear to glance down at the waiting dollar bills.

The brazen theft was caught on camera as the trio of riders ran out of the car
The woman looked directly at the camera as she made the brazen theft 
At first the driver seemed entirely unaware as to what had just happen out of view
The driver looked as though he was about to chase after the group but in the end gave up. He was advised by Uber to open a 'formal investigation'

Stealing from the Uber’s tip jar? That’s just low!

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