Google cooperating with US probe of Russian meddling allegations

September 30, 2017 3:43 pm

This file photo taken on December 28, 2016 shows logos of multinational company in Vertou, western France. (By AFP)

Google says it is digging into its vaults for evidence of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, after Virginia Sen. Mark Warner slammed Twitter for a response to a congressional probe he called inadequate.
The search giant said in a statement Friday evening that it is cooperating with inquiries and is looking for how it can help with any relevant information.
Google, Facebook and Twitter have all been invited to appear at public hearings in October by the House intelligence committee and Nov. 1 by the Senate intelligence committee.
After Twitter told congressional investigators in a closed door meeting Friday it had suspended at least two dozen accounts that may have been tied to , Warner told reporters the response was inadequate and had mostly relied on data from Facebook.
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