German city of Frankfurt to evacuate 60,000 to defuse World War II bomb

September 1, 2017 4:21 pm
Some 60,000 people have been ordered to evacuate the center of the German city of Frankfurt as an operation is due in the city to defuse a bomb dating back to the World War II-era.
The 1.8-ton British bomb was found on a construction site on Wismarer Street close to the Goethe University Frankfurt compound on Tuesday, according to a Friday statement by Frankfurt police.
According to city councilor Markus Frank, the bomb contains 1.4 tons of explosives and its defusing process is expected to take about four hours.
The nickname ‘Blockbuster’ was given to bombs like the one found in Frankfurt during World War II for its capability to wipe out whole streets.
Evacuation operations are set to begin Sunday, with locals being advised to take necessary items such as medication and turn off all electrical and gas appliances.
“We are still working on the modalities of the evacuation plan,” said a spokeswoman for Frankfurt police.
Unexploded bombs dating back to the aerial bombing of by the United Kingdom, the US, and Russia during World War II are still frequently found in . As the country rebuilt its cities after the war, authorities didn’t have the time or the means to locate and dispose of many of the unexploded ordnance.
In May, German authorities evacuated around 50,000 people from their homes in Hanover to defuse a British-made bomb unearthed during construction work.
On Christmas Day 2016, another 50,000 were evacuated from Augsburg in south Germany after a 1.8-ton bomb was found beneath an underground parking garage.
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