US President Donald Trump earns Republicans $75 million in first 6 months, twice what Barack Obama raised for Democrats

August 3, 2017 10:30 pm

President (Photo by AFP)

US President Donald Trump has raised for the Republican Party in his first six months twice the amount of money that his successor Barack Obama raked in for Democrats over the same period.
The Republican National Committee (RNC) has so far raised more than $75 million through Trump’s small donors, a healthy amount of cash that it would need to win next year’s congressional races, the ABC reported Wednesday.
“The president is somebody who absolutely is an asset when it comes to fundraising,” RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said.
The RNC said it had collected more cash online in the first six months of the year than in all of 2016.
This might explain why many Republican lawmakers—who face re-election changes next year—have refused to openly distance themselves from Trump’s chaotic management of the White House.
Trump’s fundraising prowess is particularly significant because, as US media put it, he is in the middle of a political nightmare fueled by a series of issues ranging from a high-profile probe into his ties with Russia to a strong partisanship rivalry in Congress that has turned Democrats and even some Republicans against him.
Trump has also been faced with a growing unpopularity problem, as most polls put him among the least popular US presidents in the modern times with an approval rating hovering below 40 percent.
He has tried to reset his team by making frequent changes in the White House staff but the effort has only led to more chaos.
Despite all of that, however, the president raised more than $10 million in late June by starring in a fundraiser for his re-election campaign and the RNC.
This shows how loyal Trump’s supporters are to him because re-election fundraisers are usually preserved for the end of the first presidential term, which in Trump’s case means three and a half years from now.
The extremely successful fundraising campaign has put the RNC firmly behind Trump, to the point that the committee has added employees to help book his proponents on TV shows.
“The American people put him in office to accomplish his agenda,” said RNC chairwoman of Trump, noting that Trump has “every right” to treat Republicans the way he wants to.
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