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.@UNICEF and @UNDP support Palestinian children's bigotry against Israel and Jews

Yesterday was the first day of an exhibit in Ramallah showing the results of an art initiative for children of Gaza to decorate their schools with murals.

The initiative was sponsored by the Palestinian Ministry of Education along with UNICEF.

While some of the artwork is appropriate for schools, and innocuous, other murals resulting from this project are inconsistent with the UN's supposed principles.

Many of them imply a Middle East with only Muslims:

When one sees the peace dove in this picture, one can understand what it means in this one as well - a Temple Mount without any Jews is the only "peaceful" possibility:

Even when the kids pretend to show their desire for peace among all peoples in the world, they pointedly ignore the one people who are indigenous to the region:

Most strikingly, UNICEF and the UNDP highlighted this mural showing the false "right" of Palestinian Arabs to "return" to end Israel as a Jewish state and reverse the "nakba" of Israel's establishment.

Westerners are largely clueless to the symbolism behind these "peaceful" murals. But Palestinians understand their meanings quite readily.

And the UN eagerly supports this bigotry and hate - because the kids throw in some doves.

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