‘He’s just getting started,’ Mike Pence pours praise on US President Donald Trump


President (C) speaks while flanked by US Vice President in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, in Washington, DC, July 19, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

US President Donald Trump has scored major victories at a “historic pace” since entering the White House, says US Vice President mike Pence, boldly claiming that the new Republican head of state is “just getting started.”
“At a historic pace, this president has taken bold action to restore prosperity, keep Americans safe and secure, and hold government accountable,” Pence wrote in a laudatory article published by Fox on Sunday.
The vice president said Trump had signed “more than 40 bills and nearly 40 executive orders” to deliver on his campaign promises about economy, homeland security, the military and the fight against terrorism.
“I say with confidence: We will make America safe again. We will make America prosperous again. And to borrow a phrase, we will Make America Great Again,” he wrote.
Pence hailed Trump’s decision to approve controversial pipeline and fossil fuel projects. He also said withdrawing the US from the Paris climate accord proved that the president was “putting America First.”

US President Donald Trump (L) and Vice President Mike Pence arrive for meetings at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, July 20, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

Dramatically increasing the military spending while staging a crackdown on immigration through “decisive steps” such as the Muslim ban were some of Trump’s achievements in boosting homeland security, Pence noted.
He also praised Trump for supporting congressional efforts to “reform” the American healthcare.
This is while the President and his party have failed to unite against a Democratic Party that has successfully blocked some of Trump’s key policies despite being in the minority.
Pence’s comments came merely days after another attempt by Republicans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, former President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law, fell flat due to overwhelming Democratic opposition.
Trump’s war on immigration has also been met with strong resistance. Democrats have managed to stop the president from building his controversial anti-immigration wall on the border with Mexico.
Things don’t look better on the front either, where the Donald and his administration have managed to unsettle key allies like Germany and the UK by making confusing and often contradictory statements.

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