US President Donald Trump (3rd R) boards Air Force One under heavy rain at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, April 6, 2017. (Photo by AFP)
US President Donald Trump’s approval rating continues to fall as his Russia problems grow bigger, a new poll has found.
The Gallup survey released Monday showed that only 38 percent of Americans approved of Trump’s performance as president.
This is slightly higher than late March, when the figure had nosedived to 35 percent, a record low for any US president during their first months in office.
Gallup noted that Trump’s new rating on his 115th day in the White House was still the lowest among the last four US presidents.
According to data by the pollster’s Presidential Job Approval Center, Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama had an approval rating of 64 percent at this point in his presidency.
The number stood at 56 percent for his Republican predecessor George W. Bush. For Democratic Bill Clinton, the number fell to 45 percent.
The White House has been roiled by controversy following’s Trump’s decision to fire former FBI chief James Comey, who was overseeing two important probes that shaped the Republican president’s last year victory against his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.
Before the election, Comey led a controversial probe into Clinton’s use of a personal server to exchange government emails while she was secretary of state.
After the election, he began investigating Trump’s alleged ties to Russia as well as a series of cyber attacks against Clinton’s campaign, which Democrats claimed were conducted by Russian hackers.
While Vice President Mike Pence and others tried to curb speculations that the decision was related to the Russia probe, Trump said Thursday that the “Russia thing” was indeed on his mind when he fired Comey.
The Trump administration found itself in more trouble on Monday night, when The Washington Post claimed in a report that the president shared classified information with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russia's ambassador to the US, Sergei Kislyak, during a White House meeting last week.
The administration has swiftly rejected the allegations.

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