US President Donald Trump acts bizarre during US national anthem

May 31, 2017 3:03 pm
President has once again raised eyebrows by displaying radical behavior, this time during the national anthem before delivering his Memorial Day speech.
Trump spontaneously started dancing around and singling along to the Star-Spangled Banner on Tuesday, as he was about to speak at the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.
The new president’s seemingly loud recital coupled with his brazen smile next to a serious and somewhat sorrowful expression on the face of US Secretary of Defense James Mattis provided for a stark contrast that set social media on fire.
“Trump theatrically singing the national anthem like a 1st grader while Mattis looks like he’s about to cry… in rage and disgust,” one observer tweeted.
“He was dancing and singing to himself. It was a show about Trump. He looked like an idiot,” wrote another user.
While some users blasted the behavior as downright childish, Trump’s supporters defended him, saying there was nothing wrong with the president singing along to the country’s national anthem.
This was not the first time that Trump was caught doing bizarre things on camera. In fact, his first overseas trip was riddled with odd moments.
In Saudi Arabia, he made the headlines after touching a glowing orb to mark the opening of an “anti-extremism” center in Riyadh.
Ironically, he did so while flanked by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and several other Arab leaders whose governments have long been supporting extremist groups in the region.
Trump and his wife, Melania, made the headlines again in Israel and Italy, after the First Lady awkwardly snubbed the president as he reached to hold her hand.
The European leg of the trip continued with more awkward moments.
Trump shoved Montenegro’s Prime Minister Dusko Markovic out of the way to get in front of NATO leaders in Brussels.
He also refused to take a stroll and instead took a golf cart to get to the spot where G7 leaders were waiting for a group photo with him.
Upon arrival, he jumped to the front of the group and blocked German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
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