UK will cease to exist after Brexit: Scottish MEP David Martin

April 6, 2017 11:13 am

Scottish MEP

The will cease to exist if
it fails to address the concerns of and other devolved nations
before withdrawing from the European Union, a Scottish member of the
European Parliament has warned.

Speaking during the
European Parliament’s Wednesday debate on Brexit, Labour MEP David
Martin warned against UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s lack of respect
for Scotland’s demands with regards to the issue.
May has turned
down Scotland’s request for a role in the EU negotiations, insisting
that the UK will be leaving the bloc as one country.
Although Britain as whole voted to leave the EU, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay in the bloc.
policies pushed Scottish First Minister to launch a new independence
campaign, more than two years after a failed attempt to secede from the
UK. May has firmly rejected the possibility of another independence bid.

UK Prime Minister Theresa MayAs Scotland’s longest-serving MEP, Martin said Wednesday that May’s attitude jeopardized the UK’s integrity.
September 2014 I voted to keep Scotland in the UK. In June 2016 I voted
to keep the UK in the European Union. Today I face the reality that
Brexit will remove my country from one union and leave the other hanging
by a thread,” he said.
voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. Edinburgh – a city I have
represented in this House for 33 years – voted 75 per cent to 25 per
cent to remain,” he added.
“The feeling in Scotland is that we are
being dragged out of against our will – a feeling only
compounded by Mrs May’s determination to pursue a hard Brexit,” the MEP
went on.
“The Scottish Government has put forward an imaginative
and flexible solution for Scotland. It deserves serious consideration in
this House,” he explained. “If the UK is not flexible in these talks,
the UK will not only be leaving the European Union. The UK will cease to

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